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Short History of Mother’s Day

Short History of Mother’s Day: The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in America. She then began a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States. Although she was successful in 1914, she was already disappointed with its commercialization by the 1920s.

In this tradition, people give candy, gifts, cards and flowers to their mothers, grandmothers, and or maternal figure. In many homes, it’s a day where Mom is honored, and is exempt from the typical household chores. Often family gathers to visit, picnic or take her out to brunch, lunch or dinner.

Pharmacy Delivery Service

Pharmacy Delivery Service in Nyack. Did you know… Koblin’s Pharmacy in Nyack New York delivers? It’s true! Anything we have and you want, for a flat $3 fee for the service. Mon-Sat, 3-5pm. So if you’ve got a sick kid, or are feeling poorly, or just want a little help, give us a call!

Pre-Diabetic Symptoms

Pre-Diabetic Symptoms: Are you Pre-Diabetic?

Before people develop type 2 diabetes, they almost always have “prediabetes”.

Before people develop type 2 diabetes, they almost always have “prediabetes” — blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Recent research has shown that some long-term damage to the body, especially the heart and circulatory system, may already be occurring during prediabetes. The good news is there are things you can do to prevent or delay the development of type 2 diabetes.

Melissa and Doug Toys

Melissa and Doug toys, maufacturer of great toys and puzzles, was founded over 24 years in the garage of the home where Doug grew up . In fact, the couple  had to be careful not to disturb Doug’s parents who were still living there!

Thanks to a growing customer base and good sales, they were able to move into a real office down the road, to a building that actually had separate ladies and men’s bathrooms!

Their philosophy has remained the same over the years–to make each and every customer a happy and permanent member of the Melissa & Doug family, while offering products with tremendous value, quality and design. Their toy line offers something for everyone with over 2,000 innovative products for children of all ages. They always welcome customer suggestions, and continually strive to make improvements to their products.

At Koblin’s Pharrmacy, you’ll find timeless wooden puzzles and more from Melissa and Doug.

Brief History of Nail Polish

Nail polish, or nail varnish, is a lacquer applied to human fingernails or toenails to decorate and/or protect the nail plate.

What is a Blackhead?

What is a Blackhead?

A blackhead, or open comedo is a wide opening on the skin with a blackened mass of skin debris covering the opening. Despite their name, some blackheads can be yellowish in color. A comedo is a widened hair follicle which is filled with skin debris (keratin squamae), bacteria and oil (sebum).

A closed comedo is a whitehead, while an open comedo is a blackhead.

Did you know?

We offer shorter waiting times -- usually only 15-20 minutes for new prescriptions -- not the average four hour wait time as with many pharmacy chains.